How long is an earmold guaranteed?

All earmolds has one year guarantee against defects in workmanship material.

What is the warranty period on an earmold?

An earmold is warranted against physical fit or allergy issues and will be remade, providing IED is notified within 90 days from the ship date.

What is the remake policy?

We will remake a Vibe Noise Isolator at no charge if: a  mold we ship got lost in the mail , we made an error in mold material, error in acoustic modification, mold returned within 90 day for phtysical fit or allergy issues, the mold breaks within one year due to failure of materials or workmanship. The following scenarios are subject to a charge when: a physical fit issues arise after 90 days, the earmold is over one year old  or the earmould is lost.

How long are impressions kept on file?

The digital images of all impressions are kept on file for 2 years, and are retrievable when the original serial number is provided.

Does IED offer expedite service?

Yes additional shipping charges may apply (48 hours).

Can Innovative Earmold Design use a digital impression file from another lab to make an earmold?

Yes, providing the file is not encrypted.

Are the materials used Biocompatible?

Our earmolds are made of a variety of  biocompatible materials in an assortment colors and texture.

What vent sizes are available?

* Pressure
* Small (SAV) 1.8mm
* Medium (SAV) 2.5mm
* Large (SAV) 3.0mm
* Small D vent
* Non Occluding vent

What if the Earbud required is not featured on the order form or website?

Call Customer Support and provide details prior to sending order or make a note on the order form for customer support to contact you after order is received. We are aware that sometimes there are unique situations our goal is to meet your expectation

Can I get Noise Isolators for my music player earbuds or cell phone hands-free headset?

IED can create digital molds to fit virtually any manufacturer's button style earbuds. IED Noise Isolators will improve the physical fit and comfort of your earbuds for long-wearing ideal for use with iPods, MP3s and laptops. Simply order a Vibe Noise Isolator and send us your earbuds with your impressions.

How do I order a Vibe Noise Isolator?

Okay. So you have decided on a Vibe Noise Isolator earphones or Bluetooth Headset. Now what? Well, ordering is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Visit a Hearing Care Provider
IED Vibe Noise Isolators are distributed via our network of hearing care providers. These providers include Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Practitioners. They can review your situation and needs and confirm your choice, or recommend an alternate style. They will then check your ears and make impressions of them.

2. Your Hearing Care Provider will send us your impressions
We will digitize your impressions then use the image to produce a digital mold using a process known as Stereo-lithography.

3. We send the finished device to your Hearing Care Provider They'll check the fit and advise you on insertion and removal techniques as well as proper care for your new Vibe Noise Isolators.

What is the turn-a-round time on an earmold?

You can generally expect a turnaround time of approximately 3-4 days on earmolds. Rush service is also available upon request (additional charges may will apply).

What colors are available for my Personalized earplugs or earpieces?

IED offers a wide variety of mold colors, note that many colors and options are material dependent. You should always check with your hearing care provider to find out which earpiece material would best suit your application. They can then review with you which colors are available for the specific material chosen.

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